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Let L.I.F.E. help you find a place for your  loved one to call home.

Active community involvement tailored to
the abilities and interest of the individual is
the goal of Residential Services. Whether
through living in a Group Home or an ALU or
through supports in the individual’s own
home, LIFE assists the individual to reach
their maximum potential.

LIFE provides Group Homes, Alternative Living
Units (ALU) Individual Support Services (ISS) and
Community Supported Living Arrangements (CSLA)
so that individuals can access the service supports appropriate to their needs and can change
supports as their abilities grow.

While LIFE strives to assist individuals to be self-reliant,
we also recognize that some people with disabilities
have greater assistance needs. LIFE staff are trained
to provide for individuals whether that means total care
for all daily living tasks, such as bathing, toileting, eating
and dressing or occasional support for more difficult
tasks like budgeting or vacation planning.

LIFE Residential Services are licensed through
the Developmental Disabilities Administration
of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental
Hygiene and include assistance in:
• Daily Living Skill development
• Medical appointments, including scheduling
  and transportation.
• Participation in community activities
• Personal Banking
• Social interaction
• Personal Care as needed
• Nutritional Support
• Nursing support as needed
• Meal Preparation
• Benefits Management
• Transportation Support
• Individual Goal Planning.

Perhaps you or a loved one could benefit from
L.I.F.E.'s highly respected program. If so, please let
us personally introduce you to our services.

L.I.F.E. Residential Services
Director: John Callanan
Phone: (410) 735-5433 ext 201
Fax No: (410) 735-5431
Email Address: callananj@lifeinc.org

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